3 Rounds & A Sound With…

Berlin-based New Yorker Lord Youth has been quietly impressing the Quiff since 2014. His sonorous baritone and cloudy, wistful melancholia are a fiery drink in an empty bar on a cold night, scratching the back of your throat and warming your soul. His latest release, the Bildungs Roman EP, is one of our favourites of... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff June 2019

Dear indie idealists, As we sway, punch-drunk, into the final rounds of Brexit - undemocratically selected potential leaders whispering promises of jam tomorrow into our bruised and bleeding ears - Quiff has decided to retreat to the garden with a pair of headphones and pretend none of it is really happening. After all, perception is... Continue Reading →

Track Of The Day: Nature TV – Inventory

The first half of June in Leeds has been dominated by wet socks, blue lips and grumpy faces, shiny streets reflecting the low and heavy clouds in pond-sized puddles. Calm oceans that look like magnified rain drops, melting together to a torrent of tristesse. Gloomy creatures pulling their hoods up hastily while eschewing their obstacles.... Continue Reading →

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