Bloke by the oak

oak tree

A brief post as I’m suffering the consequences of my own alcoholic folly. Yesterday, I went to my first folk festival. Part of me ticked off another item on my bottomless bucket list. Part of me wondered when I got old enough to be excited by the prospect of going to a folk festival.

Frankly, I shouldn’t have worried. I had an absolutely glorious time at Folk By The Oak and heartily recommend that you put the date in your diary for next year. The sun shone sublimely on me and seven thousand other intrepid adventurers in a field somewhere in Hertfordshire. In between shooting arrows at dinosaurs and risking life and limb by climbing trees – at a stage of drunkness that should, but never does, know better – I saw some amazing music and thought I’d best post a couple of bits straight away.

First up we have a very pretty little Blair Dunlop tune. Blair is one of those rare musicians who only needs a guitar and his voice to capture a room. My friend mentioned him the same breath as Gregory Alan Isakov and, while I’m not willing to go that far yet, I’m looking forward to listening to more of him. There’s nothing showy about either the man or his music but his understated brilliance shines through. :

By the by, he also seemed like a very nice bloke when we had a chat with him afterwards. Next up, we have The Young ‘Uns. Now these guys are are truly exceptional live band. Beautiful three parts harmonies and wit and wisdom in equal measure. A couple of slices for you:

More later in the week. In the meantime you can listen to loads of monthly mixes over here, including the first part of my recent barbecue playlist.


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