Old Folk

So, I've been meaning to post some music for a couple of weeks now. I recently caught The Rails playing at The Musician in Leicester and had a damn lovely time. First off, it's a great venue. While typical of its type - walls emblazoned with signed photos; the subtle aroma of stale lager and... Continue Reading →

Glass houses

   'Police knows that in this country, we believe in policing by consent. And if we are to protect that principle, we must not only improve public trust and confidence in the police, but we must ensure that police forces properly reflect the communities they serve.'  Thus spoke Theresa May in her speech to the... Continue Reading →

The small print taketh away

For the average person (and I'm exceedingly average, if that's possible) unpacking the government's fiscal policy is a Herculean task: changes to tax credits; increases in the minimum wage; cuts to government departments; caps on public sector pay; changes to inheritance tax; decreases in corporation tax; pension tax relief restrictions; age limits on housing benefit; alignment... Continue Reading →

Indier than thou

I've had many accusations thrown at me over the years. Far too great and diverse a throng of insults and insinuations to enumerate individually here, however amusing that might be. A few were impressively barbaric. A handful dripped with bile and venom. A smattering had been exhausted to within an inch of their patience. Most contained - somewhere in... Continue Reading →

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