Old Folk

So, I’ve been meaning to post some music for a couple of weeks now. I recently caught The Rails playing at The Musician in Leicester and had a damn lovely time.

First off, it’s a great venue. While typical of its type – walls emblazoned with signed photos; the subtle aroma of stale lager and wood polish; a handwritten sign: ‘no hipsters’ – it wears it heart on its sleeve and prides itself on the sound engineering. 

The Rails themselves are a husband and wife folk duo (though they’ve previously toured with additional musicians) with slightly daunting CVs. The bittersweet, female vocals are provided by Kami Thompson, daughter of Richard and Linda and sibling of Teddy. The folk guitar with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude is brought by James Walbourne who as well spending time in The Pernice Brothers and Son Volt has toured with Uncle Tupelo and The Pogues. If that’s not enough Tami has worked with Will Oldham as well. Basically, I’m whimpering at this point. 

And they didn’t disappoint. Playing to all 58 of us they were mildly hungover, consistently charming, and played like their lives depended on it. A couple of my favourites from the evening:

The first can be found on their fantastic Australia EP, which you can get here.

The second is on the Thompson Family LP which is over here somewhere.

You should definitely get them both for yourself this Christmas.

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