Can you fathom why?

I don't go out much anymore, a mixture of laziness, increasing intolerance to both alcohol and other people, and the miserly British weather instead encouraging me to enjoy life's more vicarious pleasures from the comfort of my living room. So, it's with some trepidation that I journey to the beating, multi-cultural heart of the country... Continue Reading →

Spot the dog (or.. Welcome Spotfoxes)

I've always hoped that one day I'll discover a band called Spot The Dog, which gives you an idea of the random ephemera which runs through my mind when I should be doing more important, or at least more worthwhile, things. Fortunately, at least for my burdensome impatience, I was recently nudged in the direction... Continue Reading →

Just a thud, thud, thud

What better way to celebrate the launch of a new Skewed Quiff mix than with a little piece of magic courtesy of Crook who released their second EP, Calando, yesterday and it's a beauty. He is, as he describe himself, 'the kind of music that plays after the party is over, and everyone has gone home, which is... Continue Reading →

Premier Fish

A name for the mental notebook backed by a legend of hip-hop. DJ Premier -of the utterly wondrous Gangstarr, see Just To Get A Rep - has produced or lent beats or samples to a host of artists : Nas, Jeru The Damaga, Blaq Poet, M.O.P. KRS One, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Brand Nubian, and Mos... Continue Reading →

Sick of this typical shit

Back to the hip-hop, then. First up we have a bit of a classic. Da Grassroots (three producers out of Toronto) released Passage Through Time back in 1999, to critical acclaim and general ignorance. It's time this record was given a second look.  Check out the laid back anger of Black Dove: Fast-forwarding to mid-October... Continue Reading →

I need the moon to see the day coming

A little French music for your evening, then.  Let's start with this excellent song by Francoiz Breut, an artist I admit I know little about. Still, KM 83 is a graceful, hypnotic little number which will have you hooked: Up next, someone considerably better known - who Francoiz has collaborated with - the inimitable Yann... Continue Reading →

In our nightgowns

A brief hiatus from all things hip-hop to celebrate the launch of an album in very excited about. Tomorrow Lemolo release their sophomore album Red Right Return on White Mustang. For those of you who are a bit more au fait with modern technology (or don't live in the states) you can grab it from their... Continue Reading →

Sunday politics

Don't worry, there's no (further) mentions of Andrew Neill in this brief note. Instead, a couple of angry, young men and some ambitious, articulate hip-hop. First up, is Akala, who as the winner of a MOBO and the younger sibling of a certain Ms Dynamite is not exactly an unknown quantity. His new record Knowledge... Continue Reading →


I've been listening to a lot of hip-hop lately, without actually meaning to, so the next few posts are about some of my favourites. They're devoted to Luke, the ghost of hip-hop past, and Dan, the ghost of hip-hop present. Without them I'd still be listening to Jay-Z and wondering where it all went wrong.... Continue Reading →

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