Sunday politics

Don’t worry, there’s no (further) mentions of Andrew Neill in this brief note. Instead, a couple of angry, young men and some ambitious, articulate hip-hop.

First up, is Akala, who as the winner of a MOBO and the younger sibling of a certain Ms Dynamite is not exactly an unknown quantity. His new record Knowledge Is Power Vol 2 is currently in my listening loop and I’ll report back when I have something of actual interest to say. In the meantime check out The Thieves Banquet from his last record (of the same title). Four groups compete to be crowned the kings of hell: monarchs, bankers, priests and dictators each group more persuasive than the last, more assured of their place in the hierarchy of evil. It’s a ride:

Better still, is this track from Semi Hendrix (rapper Ras Kass and producer Jack Splash) Jesus Pressed Mute. The disasters of the world laid bare to a gospel boom bap that  then gives way to that late night existential angst that haunts us all. If there’s a God, where is he in all this?

Corporations bloodsuck

Wall Street glutinous

They steal our money and never get touched

The middle class struggle

While the poor get crushed

Homicide, genocide, government corruption

Can you hear me god, did Jesus press the mute button

The album Breakfast at Banky’s has just come out and you can get it here.


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