In our nightgowns

A brief hiatus from all things hip-hop to celebrate the launch of an album in very excited about. Tomorrow Lemolo release their sophomore album Red Right Return on White Mustang. For those of you who are a bit more au fait with modern technology (or don’t live in the states) you can grab it from their bandcamp page.

I came across Lemolo at some point last year drawn in (as I often am) by a combination of ethereal vocals and slinky indie moves. I also love a bit of nominative determinism in a song and Open Air is definitively that. A song born for the open roads, top down, endlessly wheeling through the lost hours between darkness and light:

So what can we expect from this latest effort? Well, the track Low Halo  has been doing the rounds for a few months and is another quietnoisy work of wonder. Enjoy, and don’t forget to buy their record:

You can check more Skewed Quiff here.

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