Just a thud, thud, thud

What better way to celebrate the launch of a new Skewed Quiff mix than with a little piece of magic courtesy of Crook who released their second EP, Calando, yesterday and it’s a beauty. He is, as he describe himself, ‘the kind of music that plays after the party is over, and everyone has gone home, which is pretty much how I like it. It’s most vulnerable moment, filtered through a gentle psychedelic fuzz, is both heart-breaking and heart-warming:

Just to plunge like an oar
Just to sing like a well
Just turn over like an engine
Just to beat like a bell

Just to thud, thud, thud

I don’t love you for any reason
I love you just to love
I don’t love you for any reason
I love you just because

Lots of what I’ve been listening to lately can be found on this month’s Skewed Quiff mix. There’s 90 minutes of musical loveliness, featuring The Rails, Fisher, Monte Booker, Lemolo, Boom Forest and a whole bunch of other under-appreciated brilliance:


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