Spot the dog (or.. Welcome Spotfoxes)


I’ve always hoped that one day I’ll discover a band called Spot The Dog, which gives you an idea of the random ephemera which runs through my mind when I should be doing more important, or at least more worthwhile, things. Fortunately, at least for my burdensome impatience, I was recently nudged in the direction of Oxford’s Spotfoxes.

Their latest demo is a pitch perfect piece of 90’s pop culture nostalgia that so aptly fits its title, Vincent – Mia, that I did a cultural reference double take.

The first thing that’s sticks is that languid, honeydew vocal, floating across the room on shimmering guitars, unbalancing you with the stomach-punch universality of its story. We’ve all loved and lost. We’ve all sat in the small hours wondering if they’re still happy, and if we’re still sad, without ever being able to know for sure. We’ve all wondered what we’d say, or not say, if we saw them again.

The second thing is that this little song is really quite a clever thing. It was only after a couple of listens that the instrumental breakdowns, the changing of gears, the fluid refocusing of mood became clear. There’s some craft here, some serious potential. If they continue thus, I have no doubt that you’ll be craning to see them at an overcrowded little club near you soon.

This blog, is the first in an ongoing series looking at unsigned, or Bandcamp only, music. If you want to feature drop me a line or leave a link in the comments.

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