Can you fathom why?

I don’t go out much anymore, a mixture of laziness, increasing intolerance to both alcohol and other people, and the miserly British weather instead encouraging me to enjoy life’s more vicarious pleasures from the comfort of my living room.

So, it’s with some trepidation that I journey to the beating, multi-cultural heart of the country (Birmingham, fact fans) for frolics with several of my favourite people. To calm myself, I reach for the headphones and ponder the musical accompaniment to my little odyssey.

I start with German electronic wonders Ms John Soda, a band that have been away for a long time but fair strutted back into my world with their new album Loom. Go Check is the perfect warm up to the day.  Plus they sound like Broadcast’s pugnacious little sister and Broadcast where the last band I saw in Birmingham (so long ago a certain Mr. John Peel was dj’ing)

I am at heart an indie kid. My youth was lost in sweaty, awkward dancing with sweaty, awkward, factions of brothers and sisters united by self-deprecating lyrics and a regulation beat. As such, the main event is to be accompanied by a classic that only just bleeped onto my radar.

In 1982 , Ministry released Same Old Madness yet for reasons I can’t fathom it never hit a dance floor near me. With its syncopated beat and existentialist angst it would have been perfect:

As the day drifts to a close we cling to each other, hands clasped in a permanent perhaps, the world flashing by, too fast and too slow, as if we have have momentarily stepped off the perpetual treadmill to catch our breath. We are falling and Monte Booker catches us:

If you hadn’t guessed, today’s blog is a homage to my friends. To past nights blissfully lost and to future days of who knows what.

For this and more of the same check out this month’s skewed quiff as it gently rises up the mixcloud indie rock charts:

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