12 plays of Christmas – Alabama Shakes


5. Alabama Shakes – Sound And Color

Given that this album debuted at Number One in the States and the title track is the Apple marketing team’s current background music of choice, Alabama Shakes are hardly an unknown quantity. In 6 years they’ve gone from obscurity to helping hawk the biggest brand in the world. 

And it’s not as is their success is undeserved. Over that time they’ve refined a sound which blends old-fashioned rhythm and blues, 60s soul and 70s funk into a thrilling cohesive, 90% proof shot of nostalgia. They sound like they escaped from a different time but make music which is so much more than hackneyed tribute.

We’ll start with Don’t Wanna Fight No More. As always it’s Britney Howard’s smokey, muscular vocal that stands out but there’s something in the beautifully understated chorus that just works:

Better still is Gimme All Your Love, a quiet, loud stomp of a song with an almost Zeppelinesque organ riff. Turn up your stereo, this is a song that demand to played fucking loud:

Let’s finish with something a little more tender. Guess Who is the album’s most personal moment. A light, soulful baring of he heart:

It’s been so hard for a girl like me, it’s true

People say I look just like my daddy, cause I do

All I really want is peace of mind

Why is everything so complicated?

Why is everyone so infatuated?


You can grab the record or stream it here

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