12 plays of Christmas – Dave Rawlings Machine

6. Dave Rawlings Machine – Nashville Obselete

The presents have been opened, the wine finished and dinner is a heavy echo in your memory. You’ve escaped the formalities and are hiding away, dreaming of an empty field, the wheat sheafs swaying in the breeze, the sun drying the sweat as quickly as it forms on your face. You’re dreaming of open spaces.

This is what this music is to me. For the better part of forever Dave Rawlings and Gillian Welch have owned Appalachian  Mountain’s country-folk. Their records are a testament to the delicate patience with which they have honed their craft. There is infinite inspiration here but also infinite perspiration. Within its field, it’s as close to perfection as is possible.

A few tastes, then, for the unbelievers:

You can buy it here or stream it here. You should also buy the complete Gillian Welch back catalogue or at least Time (The Revelator). It’s the least you deserve.


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