12 plays of Christmas – Ibeyi

7. Ibeyi – Ibeyi

There’s no reason why twins shouldn’t be successful musicians. Some would argue that the psychological umbilical cord that seems to exist between them aids the shared creative process. This doesn’t explain Jedward but then not much explains Jedward.

Fortunately the universe seems to like a bit of balance between light and dark and for every god awful piece of pop poisoning something magical exists to save your ears and your soul.

From France, via Havana and Canada come the barely describable Ibeyi, two sisters who fuse indie, electronica and (sort of) tribal chanting into something that, in an age where most music sounds like a tribute to the tunes of my childhood, is borderline original.

Ghostly, ethereal, sparse, yet joyous and nourishing, this is an album which talks about death but celebrates life. It is redemptive and cleansing:

Carry away my dead leaves

Let me baptize my soul with the help of your waters

Sink my pains and complains

Let the river take them, river drown them

My ego and my blame

Let me baptize my soul with the help of your waters

Those all means are so ashamed

Let the river take them, river drown them

Constantly, it falls back on hope, on faith, on growth through experience. This day is never your last:

So when it bemoans our loneliness, that even while surrounded we are all still searching for someone for something, it finds beauty. There is something religious in their belief but it’s more than ritual, than empty habit, it’s true faith:

You can grab the record from those lovely people at XL Recordings. You’ll hear nothin quite like it this year.

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