12 plays of Christmas – Mura Masa

12. Mura Masa – Someday Somewhere

And so to the fun. You’re 19 years old, from Guersney and you know how to produce a tune. Your future is either:

A) Spent in fruitless frustration hamstrung by your distance from the musical epicentre and the apathy of industry insiders.

B) Turn the world upside down with tunes that bring people twice your age out in a cold sweat of envy and joyousness.

To achieve B, you need talent, dedication, more talent, and an Internet connection. Mura Masa clearly has all of this in spades. That my final pick is a 20 minute EP should distract from its excellence it’s the best 20 minutes I’ve heard all year. It’s smart, modern and guaranteed to fill a dance floor. I’ll leave the man himself to lead the way:


Have a riotous evening wherever you are.


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