Best of 2015 – Part 1

Well, it’s about a month later than anyone else but that’s only to be expected. Over the next few days 59 of my favourite tracks from the last year will shimmy their way through this blog. No particular order, but here’s the first twenty:

1.Burning Sugar by Silicon
2.The Fly by Lace Curtain
3.Monterey by The Milk Carton Kids
4.Been by Boom Forest
5.Baby (ft. Ravyn Lenae) by Monte Booker
6.Calando by Crook
7.Girls Light Fire by Davey Craddock & The Spectacles
8.Killin’ It (ft. Blaq Poet) by Samuel and Don Miguel
9.One by Nice Legs
10.Gimme All Love by Alabama Shakes
11.You Won’t Find Me On Benefits Street by The Young ‘Uns
12.Lovesick Fuck by Mura Masa
13.Low Expectations by The Rails
14.This Morning We Are Astronauts by Garden Of Elks
15.Slip Slide (ft. B.o.B, Busta Rhymes & Janelle Monae) by The Social Experiment
16.ID 83846 by Digitalanalogue
17.Why Does It Shake by Protomartyr
18.Being In Love by Glen Hansard
19.Cut Me Out by Trust Fund
20.Beat Up Iron by Kill County

A few highlights that haven’t previously featured on the blog:

Davey Craddock & The Spectacles sounding classic:

Trust Fund sounding perfectly messy:


Kill County hitting the bottom, beautifully:


Nice Legs encapsulating youthful angst:

The Milk Carton Kids stealing Nashville’s crown:

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