Best of 2015 – part 3

Well, here we are then people. A final 20 moments of greatness from last year. I’ll be turning my ears towards the new over the next few weeks but savour this last hurrah first:

1.White Morning by Seoul
2.Stoic Resemblance by The Helio Sequence
3.Meet You At The Bottom by Olivia Quillio
4.The Way (prod. Jake One) by Dave B
5.One Of These Days by Acoustic Growl
6.Tarantula Deadly Cargo by Sleaford Mods
7.Across The Room by Luke Reed
8.What Part Of Me by Low
9.Price Tag by Sleater Kinney
10.Cecilia by Gilmore & Roberts
11.Crosswords (Pete Rock Remix) by Panda Bear
12.Nightcap by Sweatson Klank
13.Disappointing (feat. Tracy Thorn) by John Grant
14.Down In Flames by Jess Morgan
15.Leaders (prod. Four Tet) by Rome Fortune
16.At A Loss (feat. Malik Moore & Black Shakespeare) by The Lions
17.Half a Native by Buxton
18.If I go by Jake McMullen
19.Vince by Sacred Paw
20.Chain By Design by Blair Dunlop

Each of these songs is a precious memory to me, but a few previously unpushed highlights:

Seoul chilling you the fuck out:

Jess Morgan breaking your heart:


Acoustic Growl rumble toward the present:

Utter, magical bliss from Luke Reed:

Swish with Dave B:





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