New Friends Pt2

Aidan Knight has written my favourite song of the year, so far. It's good to get these things off your chest early, I find. His band's earnest, post-rocky folk is tinged with electronica and melancholy. His voice, understated and solemn, is as pretty as flowers stolen from a graveside. Suitably, his lyrics are personal yet... Continue Reading →

New Friends pt1

A couple of bits that are at least lukewarm off the presses for you. First up, I've been finding the Pinegrove record thrusting its way to the front of the queue. Straight out of New Jersey, they stagger and sway like a drunkard before surprising you with a perfectly executed pirouette. They can be incredibly... Continue Reading →

Songs of Fire & Ice

Over the last 3 years Skewed Quiff has offered about 500 tracks of interest through this blog and its mixcloud page. As such, it should come as no surprise that a couple of artists of gone on to bigger and better things. We're like that guy at the bar, who we all slyly - and slightly... Continue Reading →

Fire & Fortune

And we're back in the room, albeit with little recognition that, somewhere quietly in the background, the calendar has ticked over to 2016.  Instead of facing forward, embracing the new year, the new sounds and visions, the palette refreshed by winter's chill breeze, we're thinking back, eyes half-closed in reverie, the dying embers of a... Continue Reading →

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