Fire & Fortune

And we’re back in the room, albeit with little recognition that, somewhere quietly in the background, the calendar has ticked over to 2016. 

Instead of facing forward, embracing the new year, the new sounds and visions, the palette refreshed by winter’s chill breeze, we’re thinking back, eyes half-closed in reverie, the dying embers of a past fire still offering warmth.

We ease back to 2013, to the glorious misery of Josienne Clark and Ben Walker. Fire and Fortune is dark, subtle and gorgeous. And it’s not just it feel that makes me think of Minessota’s finest, Low. Josienne’s vocal is close to Mimi Parker, to her intangible, willo-the-wisp  beauty that’s holds fragility and violence in a single breath. This is beautiful:

For those of you who’d like something more recent, you can get their – also stunning – latest effort here.

We fall further away to a song unadorned yet covered by grace. Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the greatest. This is comfort from the cold, a reminder that we only ever need each other, and maybe this song:

I’ll admit to not knowing much about The Commands. They started out in churches, seem to have taken on the name to appeal to military crowds and were on Dynamic Records (owned by Abie Epstein, who is something of a legend on the San Antonio scene). I’m gonna scout out some more of their stuff and report back..

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