New Friends Pt2

Aidan Knight has written my favourite song of the year, so far. It’s good to get these things off your chest early, I find. His band’s earnest, post-rocky folk is tinged with electronica and melancholy. His voice, understated and solemn, is as pretty as flowers stolen from a graveside.

Suitably, his lyrics are personal yet enigmatic. He keeps an absent-minded distance. He’s not trying to involve you in his life, his pain and joy but he is surreptitiously opening his journal, hoping that curiousity will draw you in. He wants to share, to be understood, even if he’s not really sure why. This is summed up aptly by the opening lines of The Funeral Singers:

Late at night

In the basement

Singing alone

Hoping for some magic

Who knows what powers left

In the words we sing to each other

Who knows

Despite a clear electronic leaning the album, Each Other (out now on Full Time Hobby) finds its most beautiful moments in the brief acoustic reverie of Black Dream or St. Christina – songs that seem to barely be out of the traps before they’re over. And that’s the way this record makes me feel: touched by beauty and sadness but never quite taken to the heights I expected. This is not to say it’s not great, because it is, just that I’m left with a sense of what might have been, with an appetite wetted but not sated. 

Perhaps that the fault of What Light Never Goes Dim. A song so wonderful, it’s the whole reason I started this little musical rant. A song that just can’t be matched by its less blessed siblings. Just listen and be thankful:

Aidan, and Pinegrove (from pt1 of this week’s missive), both feature on last month’s Skewed Quiff, which you can listen to here:

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