These are the days, my friends

Some people have a problem with repitition. They live on the edge of curiousity, constantly seeking new experiences, hoping to be moved toward untamed intellectual and emotional landscapes. They are frontiersmen. I admire this quality but it's not how I roll. If it's good, I'll go back again and again and again. Perhaps I have... Continue Reading →

Back in Time

The Quiff is back. This  month's mix is feeling pretty pleased with itself and to celebrate here's a couple of baby-kissing, crime-solving, kung-fu fighting bundles of musical loveliness. Firstly, there's urgent melancholy. One lad from Sheffield and another from Leicester pass by us like ghosts. They rumble like passing traffic, like things lost in the endless... Continue Reading →

Get With The Programme

I'm not a convert to this healthy lifestyle schtick. My tokenistic approach to taking care of my body involves the daily consumption of an early morning banana, as if somehow potassium can magically cure my slovenly nature and haphazard snacking. It's not much of an effort considering that I've been obsessed - and I don't... Continue Reading →

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