Get With The Programme

I’m not a convert to this healthy lifestyle schtick. My tokenistic approach to taking care of my body involves the daily consumption of an early morning banana, as if somehow potassium can magically cure my slovenly nature and haphazard snacking. It’s not much of an effort considering that I’ve been obsessed – and I don’t use that word lightly – with the squishy, yellow fruit since I was child.

Reading that back it sounds pretty wrong, so by way of explication I should point out that during my childhood I was forced to go to the doctors because I refused to eat anything but bananas. I’m nothing if not committed.

Anyway, this blog doesn’t reflect a new approach to living as much as the excellence of two songs which will be appearing on a Quiff mix due in the coming days.

D.I.T.C (Diggin’ In The Crates) are, clearly, a crew who I should know more of than I do. This New York based group have been striding around the underground scene since the early Noughties and their forthright, boom bap is pretty typical of the genre, and pretty typically good.

Get With The Programme is 3 minutes of healthy living advice. It’s protein shakes with heavy bass and damn if it ain’t great. I can’t help but feel it’s all a little tongue in cheek but who doesn’t love some heavy duty intimidation which, instead of talking of guns and ho’s, warns you of the bitter taste of wood-brewed tonic:

These guys are one of my favourite new things so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more in the coming weeks.

From the other end of the spectrum comes a much more salutary tale. The Cactus Blossoms  are here with a warning. Stop the drinking. Stop the drugs. Stop the high-living. Stop, or die. It’s not a threat (no one is sitting in a wood cabin sharpening a knife) instead it explains how creatures that don’t evolve become extinct. Nature always has the answers:

Currently, there’s a few albums buzzing around my head – Lionlimb, David Wax Museum, Applewood Road & American Wrestlers, for the impatient types – and a new Quiff mix ready to hit the airwaves. Basically, prepare for a barrage of musical  joy in the coming days.


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