These are the days, my friends

Some people have a problem with repitition. They live on the edge of curiousity, constantly seeking new experiences, hoping to be moved toward untamed intellectual and emotional landscapes. They are frontiersmen.

I admire this quality but it’s not how I roll. If it’s good, I’ll go back again and again and again. Perhaps I have a high boredom threshold. Almost certainly, I value short-term pleasure over long-term gain.

When it comes to music this tends to mean that I don’t mind musicians that sound like something I’ve heard before – though with one hefty caveat: You can be influenced by others but have to sound like yourself. It’s hard to be explicit about the best way of going about that. To explain how you achieve something so ephemeral yet obvious. I tend to think its about how invested you are in your work. Anyway, by way of explication, here are a couple of wonderful examples:

Whitney (from Chicago and recently signed to the excellent Secretly Canadian) are already, deservedly, picking up some serious heat and when I heard that they featured former members of The Smith Westerns and Unknown Mortal Orchestra my interest was peaked. I wasn’t expecting what I got: Soul-tinted, full-hearted and gloriously expansive music. This is the closing hours of a meltingly hot summer day, the ache in your body slowing dissipating as you sip at a beer chilled to within a whisker of freezing point. It is the moment when you appreciate the breeze caressing your skin, when life – despite everything – seems good and right. When you’re just glad to be alive. Yes, you’ve heard it all before (the county-folk of CSN&Y, the soulful swell of Lambchop). Yes, it’s good:

The Persuasion seems to currently exist as a few photos and a couple of songs. Their online presence is best described as minimal but there is an oddball, off-kilter shuffle to their subtle, psychedelic mesmerism. Leave Her Alone is early Beatles harmonies filtered through Big Star’s ramshackle, inventive pop production. I fucking love this song and I’m hoping for lots, lots more:

These tracks and much other goodness are all on this month’s Quiff. Treat yourself to something a little different today:

1.Golden Gals by Animal Collective
2.Change Your Ways Or Die by The Cactus Blossoms
3.Leave Her Alone by The Persuasion
4.Get With The Programme (feat. O.C.) (prod. by Duck Dodger) by D.I.T.C.
5.Her Heart by Spissy
6.I Need An Angel by La Sera
7.Gun In My Pocket (Revisited) by The Shivas
8.Watch Your Back by The Coathangers
9.Applewood Road by Applewood Road
10.Delorean by Tre Houston
11.No Reaction by Drug Pizza
12.Holding On by Mr. Silla
13.No Woman by Whitney
14.Moments (feat. Leo Stannard) by Kidnap Kid
15.You Disappear by La Luz
16.Every Songbird Says by Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop
17.Daybreak by Electric Mantis
18.Rings by Aesop Rock
19.Good Leg by Alex Seigal
20.Loan by The Cathys
21.Exit 353 by Damien Jurado
22.Undercover (feat. Chris Vu) by Small Talk
23.88 BPM (prod. by EthiKids) by Crimson (Capital 6)
24.Surfer Girl by Happyness



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