Ahead of the curve

Happy almost weekend. The new Quiff will be upon us within days. Only the painstaking task of actually doing it remains. Leading the way this month are two tracks that highlight the joy of doing something different.

From 1982 – no, I didn’t hear it way back when I was 4 – is a Nicola Meyer track that sounds so unnervingly modern, so unthinkingly cool, so good that my first thought was that the whole thing was a elaborate ruse, a bear trap for the alt-hipsters of our increasingly stupefying term on planet earth. There’s wayward accordion, there’s precisely laid back vocals, there’s a sudden, precipitous depth delivered by trumpet. This is a triumph:

Clair Rosengren deserves more recognition, that much is clear, and  a small but devoted group of Internet warriors might yet achieve that. Her latest offering, a cover of Frank Ocean’s thinking about you, is just about the most beautiful and unlikely thing you could imagine. There’s been a bit of a glut of sly, folkish covers of pop songs but the best thing about this is that it it doesn’t sound even vaguely like a cover. Still hate the abuse of words in the song title, mind you. A sure sign that I’m getting old:


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