Without Portfolio – Part 3: Groove On

As we draw to a close this little odyssey of unsigned, we stop to appreciate not just love but something greater and more terrible. We pass from devotion to obsession. Groove On is a project encapsulating both artist and audience. It is, almost certainly, post something or meta another. As audience, they busy themselves with weekly... Continue Reading →

Without Portfolio – Part 2

It’s like sleepwalking in your pajamas while being wrapped in a blanket of marshmallows while it’s snowing indoors, but you’re still warm and getting milk from the fridge to go with the peanut butter sandwich you just made. You're 17 and still in school. Your music totals some quarter of a million listens on Soundcloud... Continue Reading →

Without Portfolio – Part 1

I've been away for a while, lost in the dull chaos of existence, my attention focused on necessary mundanity, and in all that time this blog has been retained it's shape and purpose like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. This is unusual for me as I find that generally, ideas - infernal,ephemeral whispers that they... Continue Reading →

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