Without Portfolio – Part 1

I’ve been away for a while, lost in the dull chaos of existence, my attention focused on necessary mundanity, and in all that time this blog has been retained it’s shape and purpose like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. This is unusual for me as I find that generally, ideas – infernal,ephemeral whispers that they are – disappear if I even dare to look away. Hopefully it means that this is a good blog or at least that I believe it to be an important one.

I’m gonna highlight a few unsigned artists whose work deserves much greater public awareness. I don’t know any of these people, I don’t know much about them and, most importantly, if they paid me to do this I would choose instead to ignore them. This blog is born of love.

First up, the world should prepare itself for the general excellence of Leach, another graduate from the ever-fecund Austin, Texas scene. Self-releasing through bandcamp and his website Leach’s new record, Millenial Spirituals is a folksy, electronic catherine wheel of a record, spinning endlessly and unpredictably but always drawing your attention. Take Cloud Nine, a track about the misery of being trapped, about knowing that you only escape if you can overcome that misery but that you can only overcome that misery when you escape. You’ve got to appreciate contradiction that sounds so lovely:


The stand-out track on this 7 tracker is Bad Luck – a fuzzy, frazzled fuck up of a song; a relationship that doesn’t relate; an excuse that isn’t an excuse. This is someone hating themselves but trying not to and it’s wonderful:


Where Leach goes from here is both abundantly clear (he’s moving to Brooklyn) and absolutely unknown (there are no announcements of new music) so if I were you I’d sign up for his mailing list and spend a paltry fiver buying his latest record.  From here, he could disappear or conquer the world.

Leach featured on April’s rather marvellous playlist which you can check out here:



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