Without Portfolio – Part 3: Groove On

As we draw to a close this little odyssey of unsigned, we stop to appreciate not just love but something greater and more terrible. We pass from devotion to obsession. Groove On is a project encapsulating both artist and audience. It is, almost certainly, post something or meta another.

As audience, they busy themselves with weekly mixes of fresh vibes which you can catch at their website or soundcloud. As artists they produce exquisitely modern music with heart and balls. And hooks, lots and lots of lovely hooks.

Of late I have been exploding at anyone within earshot about the sheer excellence of a couple of them, in particular. Over on sharp beats and clever moves we have Stevie, while on vocals we have the have an ethereal Clair Rosengren lost somewhere between folksy melancholia and unruffled R ‘n’ B.

Prototype – by Stevie – is a pulse, a beat that keeps you moving as you stagger homeward after too much, too old. It is the trees and street lights speeding to blur as the bus bustles and bumps it way through the dying of the night. It is steady when you are swinging, the calming hand of an old friend on your shoulder:

On one level, Thinkin’ Bout U is a simple guitar and some cleverly interwoven vocal harmonies. On another it’s the moment between moments, a graceful pause in the torrent of being. Yes, the source material is great (I can’t name a better Frank Ocean song) but this version is transcendent:

Best of all, as these two artists are in the same gang/project they’ve found a bit of time for some colloboration. I’ll leave you with I know, a dark, silky pool of late-night reflection:

I know featured on last month’s Skewed Quiff, which you can check out here. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time:


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