Back For Good

So, usually this blog is broadly reserved for the purpose of championing the unheard and overlooked delights in our modern, musical melting pot. The birth of broadband and the falling costs of technology have led to an explosion of output as artists, freed from the necessity of distributing their products through labels, have wallowed in glorious creative freedom.... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Man

I belong in the city, with it's frantic serenity, with its casual, creativedestructive collisions of personality, with the buzz of traffic and conversation pulsing like the heart-beat of a predator in the moments before it ensnares it's prey. My current home - the countryside, the market towns with their picturesque emptiness -  is a bolt-hole, a temporary refuge... Continue Reading →

Outer Space

Music is always worth celebrating, if not for its power to unite and uplift then for that rare ability to be both personal and ubiquitous, to appeal to the many yet feel like it belongs to you. When a song touches you it becomes impossible to understand that others can be, somehow, less susceptible to its evident... Continue Reading →

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