12 Plays of Christmas – Kevin Morby

The scene sways and shifts, my vision staggering across the half-lit room. Behind the bar an endless row of half-full liquor bottles shimmer in the cathode ray haze. The barman, silent and as tall as two men, pours me another shot. I taste the angry burn on the back of my neck and light another cigarette. In the... Continue Reading →

12 Plays of Christmas – Whitney

The breeze rises as the sun falls, dipping down until only its corona casts a lazy, hazy orange across the horizon. You make your way up the winding, half-trodden trail, the never-cut grass brushing against your thighs, the wildflowers arcing towards the last light, stopping only when you reach the very edge of the promontory so... Continue Reading →

12 Plays Of Christmas – The Frightnrs

Seasons greetings, fellow slackers. It's that fallow period of the day, somewhere between the exorbitant ambition of a full english and the celebratory salvo of crackers cracking and corks popping that signal the start of even more feasting. Christmas here is mainly about the eating. We only have the 12 different varieties of cheese in the fridge... Continue Reading →

12 Plays of Christmas – ANONHI

If, like me, you're English the next few days of your life will probably be filled with wrapping paper, an unhealthy  quantity of carbohydrates and enough mulled wine to wash away the last memories of your working life. You'll wake on boxing day with a well-earned headache and covered in a thin veneer of glitter. This... Continue Reading →

12 Plays Of Christmas – Star Parks

I spent most of the summer in my car racing - well, pootling - across the country, mainly because I actually could. Throughout those journeys I was accompanied by the music of Star Parks, a band who sound like they escaped from a theme park co-designed by Brian Wilson and Chris Bell. Their debut album, Don't Dwell,... Continue Reading →

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