12 Plays of Christmas – Car Seat Headrest

2016 has been a shitty year and that, for better or for worse, is reflected in it’s music. It also means that this last is sad and angry and full of songs of social conscience. Which is fine, because, sometimes, sad and angry is what you need. Before we plunge headlong into the darkness though let’s pause for some frolics.

Car Seat Headrest are ferocious and wild and -I can honestly report – damaging to hearing if played too loud for too long in a small car. They are also smart and funny and throw gorgeous, chunky riffs at you at about the same speed and frequency as Donald Trump throws billionaires at cabinet positions.

If the previous records on this list were music to drift away on, happily lost in a hushed reverie, then this is a record to be thrown around by , to share indecent deeds with, to wake battered and bruised from. It is called Teens of Denial for a reason.

The tracks are long but the moments race by, fluid traces of ideas barely sink in before you’re catapulted in a new direction fingers grasping at the disappearing landscape, but there is wit and warmth in these teenage streams of consciousness and occasional laugh-out loud poignancy:

I’ve been waiting all my life
I’ve been waiting for some real good porn
Something with meaning, something fulfilling
I’d like to make my shame count for something

But in the end, this is not music to be chatted about or to be discussed amongst peers over a few light ales. It is music to be ferocious and  stupid with. Just turn the amps up to eleven and let go:

Teens of Denial is available from Matador Records.


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