Tuesday’s Twitch

The rain is pouring and I'm still shaky from the drive home ploughing through newly formed rivers of muck behind an articulated lorry which has turned my car into an extra from the Warrior Run. My ability to write this blog has only been saved by asymmetric beats and gentle waves of musical calm so a few choice... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s Soul

I spend most of my Sundays alone. I like to let the day drift by, to lazily count the minutes and seconds, to appreciate the passing of time in a way that often feels impossible. The music that I listen to - there's always music somewhere in the background - is melancholy and soulful. It breaks... Continue Reading →

50 Odd Reasons To Love 2016

Shit things happen. 2016 was no different to the rest of human history. Good things also happen and I'm going to focus on a few of those. Music means a lot to me and the last year consistently fed me spoonfuls of lovely. Filtering through it, I've picked out 50 odd songs which made me happy... Continue Reading →

12 Plays of Christmas – Kate Tempest

For those of you who've been following this blog closely over the last few weeks you'll have noticed that many of the albums that I've chosen from last year share a common pattern. There's a dash of politics, a certain darkness to the music and lyrics that lend themselves more to poetry and storytelling than... Continue Reading →

12 Plays of Christmas – Laura Gibson

  A friend of mine described Empire Builder, Gibson's 4th record as having restored her faith in albums. Unlike me, she is not given to hyperbole. Trying to do this record justice seems like a fools errand. It's rare,even with my listening schedule, to come across an album of such enchanting. immediate poise. One which even in... Continue Reading →

12 Plays of Christmas – Parquet Courts

Wandering somewhere between the restless post-punk of the late 70's and the slacker sensibilities of 90's alt-rock, Parquet Courts are the sort of band that inspire acclaim but never achieve recognition. Perhaps, musically and lyrically, they are a band out of time. Smart, witty but not overtly political, 2016 was probably not the year to release... Continue Reading →

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