50 Odd Reasons To Love 2016

Shit things happen. 2016 was no different to the rest of human history. Good things also happen and I’m going to focus on a few of those. Music means a lot to me and the last year consistently fed me spoonfuls of lovely.

Filtering through it, I’ve picked out 50 odd songs which made me happy because they were happy, or happy because they were sad, or happy just because. I’ve split it into 3 (CD length) sides and I can’t resist sharing a few of them here. You can grab the motherlode somewhere over here.

London’s soulful, country-fried Internet shirkers Forty Elephant Gang gave us Joan of Arc:

YG gave us the song that everybody sane needed:

Clair Rosengren decided she could make a Frank Ocean song better so did:

Austin’s Star Parks wooed and befuddled me with this:

Dan Mangan stole this year’s ‘Why is everyone staring at me again? Oh yeah it’s because I’m singing along to the music in my headphones’ trophy:

And, Peaness proved that music and politics do mix, even when the songs about George Osbourne. You just need an insanely great hook:


More tunes tomorrow, when the urge hits.


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