Tuesday’s Twitch

The rain is pouring and I’m still shaky from the drive home ploughing through newly formed rivers of muck behind an articulated lorry which has turned my car into an extra from the Warrior Run.

My ability to write this blog has only been saved by asymmetric beats and gentle waves of musical calm so a few choice cuts await your listening.

Papertoy is a Sydney-based producer who likes to mess with hip-hop, r ‘n’ b and your mind. Like his music he seems an whispery, ephemeral concept. Someone who may or may not exist, given his limited real world presence, but who has a Soundcloud page filled with nuggets of joy.

He recently (well, back in August) contributed TexasHigh to Paper Garden’s latest volley of electronic music which is definitely worth checking out on Bandcamp. You can, of course, name your price and support an independent record label, should such things give you a sense of enormous well-being. In the meantime, allow yourself to be rolled over by this quietly euphoric ruckus:

While we’re in Sydney (gosh, there’s some great music coming out of Australia, right now) we should stop by Floating Pyramids to check their Avalanches’ infused madness. Out Of This World is a cornucopia of surprise, twisting and turning through 3 and half mesmeric minutes of playfulness:

You should absolutely grab this while it remains a free download.

Stoop Kids swayed my way last year with the gloriously funky Motions and have barely caught breath since. Hey Banana is a fuzzy hybrid of funk and hip-hop, as filthy as it is wonderful. Just when you think you’ve got it, it finds a new way to shock you:

We’re only days away from the new Quiff, which will feature all of the above, as well as last week’s treats, plus a whole load of other brilliance that I’ll be sharing over the next few days. If you really can’t wait then trot over to my Mixcloud page and check out my favourite tunes of 2016.

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