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The new Skewed Quiff is almost upon us. All it requires at this point is for me to actually get my shit together and do something, which may have to wait a few more days as I’ve been enjoying one of my more maudlin periods of late. Okay, so enjoying may be a little strong but there’s definitely something in my personality that revels in an occasional mope.

As such, I’m as excited (or coolly disinterested) about the new records about to drop from indie stalwarts Slowdive and The Jesus & Mary Chain. The rejuvenation of the shoegaze scene has been truly serendipitous – given my recent mood. It would, however, be remiss, and out of character, if I focused on these fairly well-known artists. There are a bunch of bands out there who have listened to these great bands and then done it their own way.

Luxury Death are a Manchester based duo who’ve just launched the Glue EP – as a follow-up to two singles from last year. Listerine is a wall of chilling organ broken by a sweet duet of vocals and warm washes of furry, fuzzy guitar. It’s as if life could be washed away by something as simple as a 3 minute song, as simple as mouthwash:

You can buy the ep from Luxury Death’s bandcamp page.

Rebel Kind released their 3rd full length album in December and amazingly it got lost in the pile of stuff I was listening while compiling my end of year lists. Since then Just for Fools’ brutal simplicity has been burrowing into my consciousness like an angry realisation. This is just one of those songs that refuses to be overlooked:

You can grab the new record here.

Teen Daze is a Canadian producer who, despite being five albums deep, has previously escaped my attention. His newest record Themes for Dying Earth came out last month with the track First Rain catching my attention because it featured S. Carey (an artist who featured on a Quiff some time back in the dark ages). This is a beautiful slice of ambient wonder that hangs in that moment just before dawn, the icy chill of a winter’s night ebbing away in the rising heat of a spring morning:

You’ll be shocked to discover that this too can be found on Bandcamp.

All of these tracks will, eventually, feature on March’s Skewed Quiff. I’ll pop a link up when that actually happens..


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