Playlist – Skewed Quiff February 2019

The Quiff has reached out for new, adventurous heights to assuage his ever-growing appetite for illustrious artists. Leeds is his latest city of choice and he seems to take a mischievous pleasure in wandering around the cobbled streets, inquisitively guided by the sound of the night. His February playlist is fuelled by the juvenile cheekiness... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Spooky Mansion – I Just Rage (feat. Rose Droll)

“I Just Rage” is an intricate piece that weaves candid narration and effortlessly unbent melodies together and wraps them in a warm coat of indolent sound that makes you want to sway your hips gently in front of an open fire with a glass of brandy in hand. The San Francisco four piece brought Rose... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Breathe Panel – The Time, Always

Surfy vibes from the South are heading our way. Breathe Panel, one of Brighton’s finest, are releasing their nonchalant magic TONIGHT (20/02/2019). Come to the Hyde Park Book Club to get your weekly indie fix consisting of cloudy, unobtrusively sophisticated tunes. You can locate Breathe Panel here

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