18 Revolutions of 2018: Ian Wayne – A Place Where Nothing Matters

Time is a valuable variable that gives us a sense of appreciation. Through time we grow attached to things and we try to protect our treasure – the beautiful, the restless and the melancholic. Over time the Quiff has built up a special relationship with A Place Where Nothing Matters and he likes to lean back in his imaginary rocking chair, scratching his beard stubble and grinning his cheeky grin, as he reminisces about his latest adventures. It all started with Guessing and the Italian countryside, absorbing its elegancy with inconceivable admiration. Stuffed with cinematic melodies that are neatly wrapped around an eruption of cacophonous drums, it soon became a loyal travel companion and was the catalyst that fuelled his journey musically, leading to the undiscovered gems on the record. Coming Down From Nothing accompanied the Quiff through France and an emotional turmoil that was stained with emptiness and doubts. The interdependence of cymbal and trumpet help to create a heady, rich sound that Robin Pecknold would’ve been proud of. Having gained his sense of direction back, he ambled along the Portuguese coast, ingenuous and idealistic. Dog Weed catapulted Quiff to greater, more intense heights, reminding him why he’s in love with the music and people that he’s in love with. The whole record is a precious collection of memorabilia that lets Quiff’s restless mind sway complacently.


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