Playlist – Skewed Quiff April 2019

Dear happy festival-goers,

Leeds has awoken from its hibernation and with Live at Leeds at the ready the city is in full musical bloom. The Quiff tried to reflect his hectic gig marathon in the April playlist hopping from one new talent to the other.

Manchester based duo Chappaqua Wrestling are a band to watch. Jake and Charlie have been making music together for half a lifetime and “Plant Trees” is one of their ingenious results. Hak Baker and his coming-of-age song “Conundrum” somehow blends grime and blues into something completely new. Sports Team give the Quiff list a cheeky lo-fi edge with probably the catchiest chorus – slight exaggeration here – EVER. In the heavier corner you’ll find Squid who describe themselves as “Brighton and London’s most insatiable underwater boy band“ which sounds very promising. “The Dial“ is a little appetiser for what’s coming on Saturday. Quiff’s joyous band introduction ends with Tamu Massif, even though the playlist contains 15 more brilliant artists. “Animals” is a true gem that toggles stylewise between experimental and singer-songwriter. The crackly intro is already worth a listen.  

Track No. Artist Track Name Start Time
1 Sports Team Camel Crew 00:00
2 Grace Ives Mirror 03:53
3 Hak Baker Conundrum 05:46
4 Told Slant Low Hymnal 08:21
5 Jockstrap Hayley 11:21
6 Mush Litvinenko 15:37
7 The Marías Ruthless 19:15
8 Crepes Cold Summers 23:21
9 Kitchen Claws 26:12
10 The Sha La Das Those Years Are Over 28:54
11 Mammoth Penguins You Just Carry On 33:10
12 Peter Cat Recording Co. Floated By 37:05
13 Tamu Massif Animals 41:31
14 Chappaqua Wrestling Plant Trees 44:50
15 Prudence Euphoria 48:48
16 Spy From Moscow Priests Of London Fields 53:10
17 Big Search Stillness In The Air 56:44
18 Squid The Dial 1:00:37
19 The New Consistent The Runaway Mind 1:05:47
20 Ari Roar Learn The Trick 1:09:19

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