Playlist – Skewed Quiff May 2019

Dear funk brothers and sisters,

Another month has raced by as the Quiff has burrowed away in search of new musical delights. May’s mix embraces returning heroes Big Thief, Kate Tempest and Andrew Bird before being drawn onward by some new and beautiful faces. “Inventory” from the latest EP by Brighton’s Nature TV is a warm and soulful pop cuddle, like pulling on an old scarf the smell of cinnamon and dry wood fragrant in its weave. Leeds based Crake bring graceful, unsettling melancholy to the fore on  “Glycerin”, a song that lulls you in with its distant ferocity. Chesterfield’s Holly Redford Jones has been writing songs since school and unleashes her charming, bluesy swagger on second single “Bonjour Madame”. Definitely one to watch. After a long absence Harlem have got back together and released the sweeping, mellow elegance of “Queen of Mosquitos”. Mike Coomer’s side-project Lace Curtains is a long-time Quiff favourite and it’s great to have him back with Harlem.

The Quiff could go on rambling, but you’re probably ready to listen to some songs.

Track No. Artist Track Name Start Time
1 Andrew Bird Sisyphus 00:00
2 Holly Redford Jones Bonjour Madame 04:04
3 Kate Tempest Firesmoke 08:15
4 Harlem Queen of Mosquitos 11:50
5 Mmonika See Me On The Outside! 17:58
6 Boo Hoo Peace 20:29
7 Modern Nature Peradam 24:29
8 Crake Glycerin 27:28
9 Pablo Dylan Bells 31:04
10 Binker and Moses Fete By The River 34:14
11 Nature TV Inventory 39:34
12 Pieket Eternal Recurrence 43:12
13 Pozi Engaged 47:43
14 L.A. Peach Sudden Love Affair 51:33
15 Subculture Sage Happy Like The Sunking (feat. Illaman) 55:17
16 Bill Waters Pure 59:24
17 Rosie Tucker Gay Bar 1:02:08
18 Hotel Lux English Disease 1:04:21
19 Big Thief Jenni 1:07:18
20 Spencer Radcliffe Here Comes The Snow Again 1:11:24

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