3 Rounds & A Sound With…

The Quiff has been brooding and experimenting with musical equations, artistic variables and creative fractions from the past and present, squeezing all the factors into a complicated-looking formula to give birth to his latest monster baby 3 Rounds & A Sound – a seemingly simple ruse that quickly leads to frank discussion and raised voices. Quiff asks a chosen band or artist 3 questions about songs they like and, after a swift drink and a moment of reflection, they reply. First up York’s musical mischief-makers Bull.

1. round alt

Personal Trainer – The Lazer

Bull open with an absolute stormer. Amsterdam’s burgeoning indie scene has some immense bands and Personal Trainer are, unsurprisingly, no exception. As you’d expect of a band consisting of members of Pip Blom, Canshaker Pi and Steve French. The Lazer has just come out on Holm Front and will probably be ‘borrowed’ for the next Quiff mix.

2. round alt

The Roches – Hammond Song

Quiff probably shouldn’t admit this but he hadn’t heard of The Roches. They are the sort of band that make you happy and sad and confused and comforted simultaneously. Every indie geek should check them out.

3. round2 alt

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Cleopatra

The Modern Lovers are perhaps the coolest band The Quiff has ever used to impress pretty people at parties and this, like much of Richman’s output, is a spectacularly great example of clever, captivating, offbeat songwriting.

Bull are playing at Drawsome in York this weekend alongside a heap of great bands including the inimitable Jeffrey Lewis. This is a charity event to raise awareness and money for Bowel Cancer UK so, even if you can’t go, you should make a donation here. 

Image © Franziska Albrecht, 2019 


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