Playlist – Skewed Quiff June 2019

Dear indie idealists,

As we sway, punch-drunk, into the final rounds of Brexit – undemocratically selected potential leaders whispering promises of jam tomorrow into our bruised and bleeding ears – Quiff has decided to retreat to the garden with a pair of headphones and pretend none of it is really happening. After all, perception is reality, so if enough of us do that it will become our truth.

This month’s selection features the beautiful, slow-burning gay cowboy hustler anthem Dead of The Night by Canada’s man in the mask, Orville Peck. He’s touring the UK in the autumn so book those tickets now. LA’s SadGirl dance alone at the side of the stage, their nonchalant, melancholic soul crystallised through the lens of 90’s slacker rock. Water is taken from their excellent debut album (of the same moniker), which can be purchased on Suicide Records. London-based black midi are one of the rising stars of the UK music scene. Talking Heads is 3 minutes of awkward, addictive, considered confusion. It’s like Vampire Weekend being beaten repeatedly by Omni’s rhythm section, but in a pleasant way.

This alone would be enough to celebrate with a mix but then there’s also triumphant returns for Bill Callahan and Whitney; glorious slices of Americana from Jordan Moser and Esther Rose; twisted pop brilliance from Dehd and The Alton’s and simmering, razor-sharp elegance from Kate Bollinger and Quinn Christopherson. So let’s get back to the garden, headphones on as the sunlight dapples across the leaves. The world is both here and a thousand miles away.

Track No. Artist Track Name Start Time
1 Orville Peck Dead Of Night 00:00
2 Fell Runner Dog Inside A Car 03:57
3 Justus Proffit & Jay Som Nothing’s Changed 08:10
4 Kate Bollinger Candy 10:18
5 Adam Green Freeze My Love 14:05
6 black midi Talking Heads 16:23
7 The Cool Greenhouse 4Chan 19:27
8 SadGirl Water 23:33
9 Dark Dark Dark Bright Bright Bright 27:40
10 Bill Callahan Ballad Of The Hulk 32:06
11 The Altons I’ll Be Around 36:09
12 Anti-Lilly & Phoniks Nobody’s Perfect 40:47
13 Jordan Moser The Devil 44:08
14 Quinn Christopherson Raedeen 47:26
15 Dehd Lucky 53:51
16 James Swanberg It’s No Wonder 56:22
17 Sancho Panza Age Of Gold 1:00:15
18 Everyone Is Dirty Hit-Girl 1:04:42
19 Whitney Giving Up 1:08:21
20 Esther Rose Only Loving you 1:11:30

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