Playlist – Skewed Quiff September 2019 Side A

Dear aural addicts,

The long, wet summer has passed and with the turning of the season comes the call to work. The Quiff apologises for the absence, he has no excuse beyond the need for a little recuperation time, and, like a cat dropping a dead bird at your backdoor, proffers a gift in recompense for the lost weeks: A double header of musical goodness. The A side is now available in all the usual outlets and the B side will be with you next week, life permitting.

The A-side of this latest melange of melodies features a pair of dark and beautiful songs from US-based artists to watch. Beneath a quiet miasma of guitar and strings, Not My Body by Sam Lynch is a philosophical inquest into the impact relationships have on our sense of identity. Lord Youth’s new single King Of The Crawl is the opening track from his latest album Bildungs Roman EP, which he describes by saying “A lot of these songs are about ghosts, of both the living and the dead.” If any of this scares you, you’re probably following the wrong blog.

Back in the UK, we’re blessed by the return of Glasgow’s Spinning Coin. Their latest single Visions At The Stars cements their place in our hearts and will surely lead to even greater exposure than their critically acclaimed debut album. Meanwhile, Yorkshire crew, Skint & Demoralised display a cunning knack for blending socio-political commentary with narrative style and dazzling sound. Superheroes will punch you in the face and then break your heart.

Finally, Quiff isn’t going to say much because, frankly, what can you say about David Berman that he already hadn’t said about himself. Funny and wise, eloquent and incisive, the man was a hero to Quiff and will always remain so. Rest in Peace, DB.

Track No. Artist Track Name Start Time
1 (Sandy) Alex G Southern Sky 00:00
2 Corridor Coup d’épée 03:11
3 Sam Lynch Not My Body 05:19
4 Skint & Demoralised Superheroes 09:58
5 Babe Rainbow Something New 12:38
6 Spinning Coin Visions At The Stars 15:51
7 JEFF The Brotherhood Camel Swallowed Whole 20:17
8 Los Retros Someone To Spend Time With 24:28
9 HONEYMOAN Low Blow 27:21
10 Charles Watson Now That I’m A River 31:14
11 Demcker Zucker 35:15
12 Alexander Sun Pines & Evergreens 37:18
13 Borza True To You 41:09
14 Lord Youth King Of The Crawl 43:42
15 Purple Mountains Margaritas At The Mall                  48:29

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