Playlist – Skewed Quiff September 2019 Side B

The B-Side opens with a new track from the ever wonderful Mark Mulcahy. Delicate, gorgeous and subversive, Wicked World is the opening track from his latest album The Gus (which has an accompanying book for those of you who dig a literary aside). He’s still on tour currently and having caught him at “The Brudenell” recently, Quiff would give him his highest recommendation.

The Quiff is also pretty excited about London-based Weird Milk whose new album blends 90’s indie chic with a surf/soul vibe. You should move Honey, I’m Around to the top of your listening pile. Bubbling to the surface are enigmatic Liverpool four-piece Chinatown Slalom. After a handful of tantalising singles and vague rumours of live performances at house parties around Merseyside their debut album has emerged fully-formed as an immaculate collision of funky samples and oddball harmonies. Where U At? is the perfect antidote to those post summer blues.

We couldn’t leave this missive without a mention of Rutland folk darlings The Empty Pages. The recent release of their second album The Wanderer has been a real 2019 highlight for us. Kieran Wade’s continuing evolution as a songwriter is writ large across an album of swooning, small town melancholia. The addition of Fred Miceli on guitar and vocals has brought a beautiful balance to their sound. If you haven’t got hold of the album yet, it’s definitely one to stream.

Track No. Artist Track Name
1 Mark Mulcahy Wicked World
2 Chinatown Slalom Where U At?
3 Weird Milk Honey, I’m Around
4 Very Good Ghost Warning
5 Straight Sex Animal Crossing
6 Divino Niño B@d Luck
7 Palo Sopraño Big City Lights
8 NIGHT FLIGHT White Noise
9 Lina Tullgren Saiddone
10 Elly Swope Habits
11 Kevin Krauter Pretty Boy
12 Johnny Goth Dream
13 Truth Club Student Housing
14 American Poetry Club Pro Pic
15 The Empty Pages News

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