For 20 years, it has stalked the musical landscape, making its home in the sweat-stained corners of darkened rooms, drowning nightly in sonic bliss and waiting for its still-beating heart to be ripped from its chest by razor-sharp words. Its appetite is a bottomless abyss only sated, completely but briefly, by the next musical high.

To say it loves all music would be an exaggeration. In its quieter, more reflective moments it would admit to being particularly drawn to the beautifully eccentric, to those songs which beguile the senses, twisting time and context to their whim.

Quiff’s gritty restlessness, combined with its ravenous curiosity, is the major driving force for its acoustic hunt through the multifaceted woods of musical joy. It is in ebullient spirits after having made a big haul, still hooked to the outstanding tunes that make it shiver with satisfaction and always willing to share its discoveries with its devoted followers.

Skewed Quiff is the alter-ego of Brighton based music geek Martyn Rosser. If you’d like to join the Quiff on its journey then you can talk to Martyn through his blog, or email skewedquiff@gmail.com.

If you’re a band seeking audacious and devoted listeners – especially if you’re a band who’s going to be playing in Brighton – then you can get in touch or share tracks via skewedquiff@gmail.com, as well.

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