18 Revolutions of 2018: Peter Cat Recording Co. – Portrait Of A Time

In a New Delhi living room, five pairs of eyes are locked onto each other. Everything is silent but for the tapping of fingers, but for the whisper of lips as they count a beat. And then they sweep the world off its feet with a muddy, reverberating, sonorous jazz-infused fanfare that sounds as if... Continue Reading →

18 Revolutions of 2018: Laura Gibson – Goners

Goners is without any doubt one of the most cohesive records the Quiff has come across in the last year. It is enchantment and tragedy at the same time, a touching dedication with a dystopian edge that shifts between self-reflection and a broader portrayal of global issues. One of the great pleasures of listening to... Continue Reading →

18 Revolutions of 2018: Ari Roar – Calm Down

About ten months ago, the Quiff stood in front of a proportionally inadequate stage, usually used for bigger theatre performances, with his notebook and high expectations in tow. The 272-seat university theatre could not be called his venue of choice but was part of last year’s Great Escape in Brighton, a festival that’s grown into... Continue Reading →

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