18 Revolutions of 2018: Dick Stusso – In Heaven

Dick Stusso is the last cowboy at the disco. In his Stetson and snake skin boots he stands at the bar clicking his fingers in time to the drum machine beat and looking out into the veil of dry ice, tracing the shadows of his fellow men. He follows you with sad eyes and a... Continue Reading →

18 Revolutions of 2018: Ari Roar – Calm Down

About ten months ago, the Quiff stood in front of a proportionally inadequate stage, usually used for bigger theatre performances, with his notebook and high expectations in tow. The 272-seat university theatre could not be called his venue of choice but was part of last year’s Great Escape in Brighton, a festival that’s grown into... Continue Reading →

12 Revolutions of 2017: Spinning Coin -Permo

Maybe it’s the misty, doleful Scottish breeze; maybe the high density of pedantic, highly talented artists from North of the border; or maybe it’s the weirdly energetic magic that haunts the streets of Glasgow. Whatever it may be: Spinning Coin clearly have their shit together. It’s no surprise that Orange Juice legend Edwyn Collins took... Continue Reading →

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