Track Of The Day: Nature TV – Inventory

The first half of June in Leeds has been dominated by wet socks, blue lips and grumpy faces, shiny streets reflecting the low and heavy clouds in pond-sized puddles. Calm oceans that look like magnified rain drops, melting together to a torrent of tristesse. Gloomy creatures pulling their hoods up hastily while eschewing their obstacles.... Continue Reading →


18 Revolutions of 2018: Laura Gibson – Goners

Goners is without any doubt one of the most cohesive records the Quiff has come across in the last year. It is enchantment and tragedy at the same time, a touching dedication with a dystopian edge that shifts between self-reflection and a broader portrayal of global issues. One of the great pleasures of listening to... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff April 2019

Dear happy festival-goers, Leeds has awoken from its hibernation and with Live at Leeds at the ready the city is in full musical bloom. The Quiff tried to reflect his hectic gig marathon in the April playlist hopping from one new talent to the other. Manchester based duo Chappaqua Wrestling are a band to watch.... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Her’s – Marcel

Her's were an infectious, exuberant joyful bundle of wonder. Two boys from Liverpool and a drum machine tearing up the rules with a magical knack for quirky, catchy post-pop brilliance. Quiff will remember them as a band we fell in love with and fell in love to. Today we raise a glass and drown our... Continue Reading →

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