Playlist: Skewed Quiff February 2020

Greetings soul sisters and brothers, It’s been a little while since we were last here but, don’t fear, the months have been suitably wasted, decadently wallowing in melancholic bliss, ragged raucous glory and slinking, sinking disquiet.     Between the steady old hands of Bonny Light Horseman and Africa Express lies a cavalcade of spectacular new... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff September 2019 Side B

The B-Side opens with a new track from the ever wonderful Mark Mulcahy. Delicate, gorgeous and subversive, Wicked World is the opening track from his latest album The Gus (which has an accompanying book for those of you who dig a literary aside). He’s still on tour currently and having caught him at “The Brudenell”... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff April 2019

Dear happy festival-goers, Leeds has awoken from its hibernation and with Live at Leeds at the ready the city is in full musical bloom. The Quiff tried to reflect his hectic gig marathon in the April playlist hopping from one new talent to the other. Manchester based duo Chappaqua Wrestling are a band to watch.... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff March 2019

A few days ago, Quiff received the sad news that Liverpool based indie band Her’s died in a car accident. He still can’t get his head around this unbearable tragedy and his thoughts are with their family and friends. A few years back, after having fallen in love with and to their first single Speed... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Laura Gibson – Tenderness

In my dream I climbed a mountain, the tallest I could find. Gauche and hopelessly devoted, I strayed and stumbled  over my self-defeating doubts, looking for tenderness. Laura Gibson is playing at the Hyde Park Book Club (02/03/2019) TOMORROW. Come and join the Quiff for an evening full of musical brilliance. You can catch up on all Laura... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff February 2019

The Quiff has reached out for new, adventurous heights to assuage his ever-growing appetite for illustrious artists. Leeds is his latest city of choice and he seems to take a mischievous pleasure in wandering around the cobbled streets, inquisitively guided by the sound of the night. His February playlist is fuelled by the juvenile cheekiness... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff January 2019

You can be relieved – the Quiff is still alive! Though, he still hasn’t quite completed his rehabilitation process after having travelled the multicultural roads of Europe for the past three months. Central heating and food that doesn’t come in cans are just some of the challenges he has to master while dancing the post-apocalyptic... Continue Reading →

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