Playlist – Skewed Quiff May 2020 Side A

The Quiff has been stumbling from one month into the other like tumbleweed through a timeless ghost town. Toggling between invincible stasis and futile movement, he finally found himself painting this beautiful still life – a composition of the most mesmerizing and appeasing colours, so full-bodied he had to divide it into two. Side A... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Ben Gibbard – Life In Quarantine

We are together in our isolation watching the newsreaders sat two metres apart We are together listening to our leaders scrabble for purchase trying to look as if they're in control We are together standing in line anxious and scared and stern and judgemental covering our faces and washing our hands because we are together... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Buntspecht – Unter den Masken

Half asleep, Staring at the ceiling Thoughts tangled up, atrociously painful They are all stranded Stranded at sea Floating like a life ring on a chain   A musical marvel from the Austrian indie Klezmer kings' latest album Draußen im Kopf. It's one of last year's hidden gems and can be streamed here.

3 Sounds & A Round With…

Brighton-based, soulful indie playthings Nature TV have been releasing their vignettes of beautiful heartbreak into the wild for almost 2 years now. With a dash of dark wit and more hooks than a Peter Pan convention, once you've heard them they're impossible to shake. The Quiff is a massive fan and is delighted to join... Continue Reading →

Playlist: Skewed Quiff February 2020

Greetings soul sisters and brothers, It’s been a little while since we were last here but, don’t fear, the months have been suitably wasted, decadently wallowing in melancholic bliss, ragged raucous glory and slinking, sinking disquiet.     Between the steady old hands of Bonny Light Horseman and Africa Express lies a cavalcade of spectacular new... Continue Reading →

3 Sounds & A Round With…

Berlin-based New Yorker Lord Youth has been quietly impressing the Quiff since 2014. His sonorous baritone and cloudy, wistful melancholia are a fiery drink in an empty bar on a cold night, scratching the back of your throat and warming your soul. His latest release, the Bildungs Roman EP, is one of our favourites of... Continue Reading →

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