Playlist – Skewed Quiff September 2019 Side B

The B-Side opens with a new track from the ever wonderful Mark Mulcahy. Delicate, gorgeous and subversive, Wicked World is the opening track from his latest album The Gus (which has an accompanying book for those of you who dig a literary aside). He’s still on tour currently and having caught him at “The Brudenell”... Continue Reading →


Playlist – Skewed Quiff June 2019

Dear indie idealists, As we sway, punch-drunk, into the final rounds of Brexit - undemocratically selected potential leaders whispering promises of jam tomorrow into our bruised and bleeding ears - Quiff has decided to retreat to the garden with a pair of headphones and pretend none of it is really happening. After all, perception is... Continue Reading →

Track Of The Day: Nature TV – Inventory

The first half of June in Leeds has been dominated by wet socks, blue lips and grumpy faces, shiny streets reflecting the low and heavy clouds in pond-sized puddles. Calm oceans that look like magnified rain drops, melting together to a torrent of tristesse. Gloomy creatures pulling their hoods up hastily while eschewing their obstacles.... Continue Reading →

3 Rounds & A Sound With…

The Quiff has been brooding and experimenting with musical equations, artistic variables and creative fractions from the past and present, squeezing all the factors into a complicated-looking formula to give birth to his latest monster baby 3 Rounds & A Sound - a seemingly simple ruse that quickly leads to frank discussion and raised voices.... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff May 2019

Dear funk brothers and sisters, Another month has raced by as the Quiff has burrowed away in search of new musical delights. May’s mix embraces returning heroes Big Thief, Kate Tempest and Andrew Bird before being drawn onward by some new and beautiful faces. “Inventory” from the latest EP by Brighton’s Nature TV is a... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Squid – The Dial

Two minutes in and the basement spins, the crowd slewing from back to front, people running like a river from the sides to the centre. We are happily trapped within the seething mass of movement, drawn in by the measured chaos unfolding on stage. There are gloriously screamed waves of sound. There is an eternity... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Hotel Lux – English Disease

The second encounter between crowd and band was the perfect shift of scenery and led the Quiff into an obscure, subterranean world, crowded with arty students and middle-aged nostalgists. Their shared thrill of anticipation appeased by Hotel Lux’ raucous, perfectly poised appearance – working class undercuts met navy coats, a German football tricot and a... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Bull – Paint it JESUS

The glass roof pulls away Shedding the years of accumulated grime and dust To let in the glorious downpour of afternoon sunshine The band pull us back in with nonchalant discord,  with unforeseen yelps And we undock, floating away from the grey, grey earth Skewed Quiff saw Bull at the The Dry Dock Leeds for their Live at Leeds side... Continue Reading →

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