Playlist – Skewed Quiff May 2020 Side A

The Quiff has been stumbling from one month into the other like tumbleweed through a timeless ghost town. Toggling between invincible stasis and futile movement, he finally found himself painting this beautiful still life – a composition of the most mesmerizing and appeasing colours, so full-bodied he had to divide it into two. Side A... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Ben Gibbard – Life In Quarantine

We are together in our isolation watching the newsreaders sat two metres apart We are together listening to our leaders scrabble for purchase trying to look as if they're in control We are together standing in line anxious and scared and stern and judgemental covering our faces and washing our hands because we are together... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Buntspecht – Unter den Masken

Half asleep, Staring at the ceiling Thoughts tangled up, atrociously painful They are all stranded Stranded at sea Floating like a life ring on a chain   A musical marvel from the Austrian indie Klezmer kings' latest album Draußen im Kopf. It's one of last year's hidden gems and can be streamed here.

Track Of The Day: Nature TV – Inventory

The first half of June in Leeds has been dominated by wet socks, blue lips and grumpy faces, shiny streets reflecting the low and heavy clouds in pond-sized puddles. Calm oceans that look like magnified rain drops, melting together to a torrent of tristesse. Gloomy creatures pulling their hoods up hastily while eschewing their obstacles.... Continue Reading →

Playlist – Skewed Quiff May 2019

Dear funk brothers and sisters, Another month has raced by as the Quiff has burrowed away in search of new musical delights. May’s mix embraces returning heroes Big Thief, Kate Tempest and Andrew Bird before being drawn onward by some new and beautiful faces. “Inventory” from the latest EP by Brighton’s Nature TV is a... Continue Reading →

Track of the Day: Squid – The Dial

Two minutes in and the basement spins, the crowd slewing from back to front, people running like a river from the sides to the centre. We are happily trapped within the seething mass of movement, drawn in by the measured chaos unfolding on stage. There are gloriously screamed waves of sound. There is an eternity... Continue Reading →

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